The self-isolating therapist

The self-isolating therapist

Day 10  of this highly usual strange experience that is encompassing the whole world. 

I’ve started writing this blog so many times…

I should be this inspiring therapist with oodles of positivity for everyone to devour, the reality – I’m struggling with this too. Somedays, I am motivated and think, “yes I have got a handle on this”, I make my bed (I have always made my bed, but now it feels quite important to say!!) I have moved my laptop to a place near a window and as I tap tap this blog I can look out at the people going by.

Other days, I have woken up and feel overwhelmed and powerless, I recognise my need for human contact.

I do miss hugs.

I remember this as I take my daily constitutional and I see people meeting up, socially distant and one-to-one. I know how important that connection is, I know how important breathing fresh air is  and I know how important smelling the sea and tasting the salt on my top lip is. These have become so precious to me over the last ten days. 

So, I am sometimes vulnerable, often lonely and on occasionally overwhelmed. I am also funny, I have my humour, and sometimes it veers on the side of slightly inappropriate.  I keep in touch with the facts, but save my screen time for my clients and my work. Netflix and iPlayer sometimes lull me to sleep. Sound familiar?

I am managing this surreal strange universal experience, sometimes winning and sometimes defeated.  I reach out and am reached for, on a daily basis. I value smiles of strangers and the perfume of my friends – And I do miss hugs.

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  1. Lovely 😊 keep writing Paolo x

  2. Great blog post Paola. It resonates with so many of us.

  3. Echoing a lot of people’s experience there Paola. Thanks for your honesty and for sharing.

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