Counselling Training

Communication and listening skills seem like a basic almost obvious skill to use, yet my experience is that a lot of people do not even realise that these two things actually are skills. Whether you’d like help communicating with others, improve your emotional resilience at work or want to develop a qualification in helping skills, here are some of my counselling training options:

Communication Workshops

Over the years I have developed a series of workshops that are aimed at people using or needing to consolidate their use of these communication and/or listening skills. The workshops are flexible and can run from 2hrs to 2 days depending on depth and coverage. In the workshops I look at:

  • How we listen, what we really hear and don’t hear.
  • Do we react or respond to what we hear.
  • Do we say what we really mean or are we motivated by other things?
  • Are we fixers or sympathisers?
  • How involved is the support of myself when I support others?

These workshops are very valuable to those people needing to add a supportive quality to the nature of their communication skills

Primary School Workshops

I am also in the process of developing a workshop for primary school children which will be about 15 mins long and in small group of about 4-5 children looking at how they listen with more than just their ears.

Counselling and Helping Skills Training (MET Brighton)

I currently teach two NCFE Cache short courses for adults at the Brighton Greater Metropolitan College (MET):

NCFE Cache Award in Helping Skills – Level 2
This course teaches you basic counselling skills either to expand your skills and knowledge for a current role or as a step towards becoming a professional counsellor.

NCFE Cache Award in Counselling Skills and Theory – Level 3
This course is an ideal qualification if you are seeking to enhance your functional role through the use of counselling skills.


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